Selected Licensed Property Valuers
Queensland could provide a model for all other governments to follow. However, given that land tax returns around $1.7 billion to State and Territory Governments every year, ROZZA knows it will face an uphill battle to sell the concept to all States.

The Building Owners and Managers Association of Australia (ROZZA) represents the investment property industry. property valuation Property Valuation is the course of action which requires expert ability. In property valuation you will come to know the existing price of your property. Therefore while appointing a property valuer you should consider certain factors in them as property valuation process is a tough job which requires profound knowledge and good technical knowhow.

The investment property industry is a vital contributor to the Australian economy, especially as the service sector grows, as more regional headquarters are attracted to Australia and as the pool of superannuation funds increase. ROZZA has drawn on the resources of its 2000 members and professional staff in its national and regional offices to develop policy platforms around five key issues.

Establish a reform agency comprising governments and private sector participants charged with instituting a microeconomic reform program. and Commit to support coordinated, Australia-wide reform of planning and development control legislation, as outlined in Planning for Change and States of Progress.

ROZZA's work, some of it still in progress, covers reform of the Building Code of Australia, industrial relations, project initiation, security of payment in the building industry and a range of ROZZA industry guidelines. Introduce an industrial relations system that draws on international best practice and that recognises the unique nature of the construction sector in order to foster industrial stability; Develop a small business strategy for the construction sector that focuses on financial solvency and business education for the industry's many small firms.