Who will make the easy steps done for the complex property valuation process?
A number of respondents, particularly those with tied advisers, felt it actually helped them understand a little about the commission payments that they had never really considered. The amounts involved could be off putting and where customers have relationships with their advisers they may not want to discuss charges with them. However they all claimed that they would welcome the detail up front and would try to read them.

They felt having a set of questions from a Government or trade body or even the IFA firm before they went to the IFA saying these are the sort of things to look out for would be really good. The respondent was then introduced to an ‘IFA’ or ‘Tied Adviser’ as appropriate. For the next 20 minutes the financial adviser discussed the initial interview process and introduced the Menu of Charges document. This enabled the moderators to observe what might happen in a live situation and then to ask follow up questions about how the process felt and the level of understanding. click here for details : Brisbane Property Valuers

This scenario research technique worked extremely well, evidenced not only by the number of questions generated, but by many of the respondents actually wanting real professional advice from the adviser ‘role player’ (obviously not given!). It was universally agreed that the introduction of a process that included an informative initial meeting and an up front explanation of charges would be well received.All seemed to understand the purpose of the document and recommended that it should be kept simple and uncluttered by other information.

The document made it very easy for respondents to see very quickly how much the adviser was being paid. In common with the group respondents, most were surprised at the amounts being charged per hour on the fee basis. They were confused as to the difference between the amounts being charged per hour for a partner and the financial adviser. Respondents who have always paid commission in the past, could see that paying a fee could be a better alternative in some situations. Some respondents felt that the fee could spiral out of control and would want some sort of guarantee that they would not exceed a certain level.