Property valuation process is helpful and essential for calculating house price
Ernst and Young has been appointed to provide business advice for the project and an approach to the market by July is planned. A preferred provider should be selected by the end of September. property valuer course taking a gander at full house to release up that its surveyed cost in the current degree field. The Property Council strongly believes that the Government should defer the debate on the ACT Duties Bill and also defer the start date of 1st March 1999, to allow due and reasonable time to assess this Bill.

The Property Council of Australia is concerned also with the coverage of the legislation and believes that it is unfair in that if does not apply to works undertaken for the ACT Government or Commonwealth Government – the burden falling unfairly on the private sector alone.

We believe that the Bill is far too broad ranging in its coverage of building work and urge you strongly to delay debate on this issue until the industry can further investigate its impact. Other guests included the Chief Minister, Kate Carnell, Senator Margaret Reid and Tom Reid, Gary and Cathie Humphries, Brendan and Glenda Smyth, and Leader of the Opposition Jon Stanhope. National Archives – East Block will now enter the National Awards, the winner to be announced at the Property Council Congress in Melbourne on August 31st. Sally received a Property Council Education Course to the value of $2,850. In addition Richard’s steadying influence at Division Council meetings on a wide variety of issues have contributed to the sound management of the ACT Division of the Property Council of Australia.

Members were updated on the following issues this week from the ACT Division. Members can recieve extra copies of full update by contacting the ACT Division Office. The Government with the support of independent MLA’s, Paul Osborne, David Rugendyke and Trevor Kaine have defeated the proposed bill to amend the appeals process under the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1989.

The amendments proposed by Ms Kerrie Tucker MLA would have reintroduced an appeals process whereby, in theory, any person including those outside the ACT could have objected to any development proposal. However, the amount of empty office space has increased by 1% since January 2002 (up from 4.3%), resulting in the highest vacancy rate since July 2000. This was most noticeable in the Civic region, which saw an increase in vacancy from 6.6% to 8.46%.The Government should work on the principles of the OECD report, that is develop strategies for Civic (that) reaffirm Civic as Canberra’s pre-eminent business centre’" Ms Madew said. This was reflected in both A-grade and B-grade office space where vacancies rose substantially.