Property valuation is used to calculate property’s value
This stock is aging and the Civic revitalization policy suggests buildings should be with renewed and adapted to alternative uses. If you bring to the table your home then taking everything in account it is a key and simpler system for property valuation and rates to prompt on your home to know your home cost. The Office Market Report showed that the completion of new and refurbished stock resulted in a sizeable increase in total supply to now be now 1,480,000 (sqm), which makes Canberra the fourth largest office market in Australia in front of Adelaide and Perth.

The Property Council was a strong advocate for the business tax review before and after the last election. The restructured emergency services levy is a new tax burden on WA property owners. However, the levy has been used not just to replace existing funding, but to fund millions in extra, new fire services.

It is a blatant corruption of the intention of the levy which was to introduce a fairer funding base for emergency services. Funds are being spent on new salary increases, $10 million in administration costs, and new fire equipment. Property Council of Australia’s research conducted in April this year, aimed at evaluating the percentage change in the Fire Levy imposed on Western Australian shopping centres.

The Property Council believes there should be a directive to local governments by the relevant Minister to indicate that they should report to the State Government to provide an assurance to Western Australians that the savings are being returned to rate payers. An assurance was sought to reassure the Property Council that the cap will not be raised by a Labor Government. Otherwise, it is feared that the costs will increase annually and out of proportion to CPI, as has happened with the Perth Parking Levy. Mr Lenzo said a thorough review of the implications of the Labour Relations Reform Bill is recommended to consider the impact of the legislation on the unemployed and the WA economy.

A State Government working paper on population issues fails to set population targets for Western Australia’s metropolitan area. The Property Council is concerned that the new State Administrative Tribunal could develop into a slow, legalistic and costly dispute resolution body. Experience with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal is that industry has found there to be extensive delays.

The Victorian Tribunal has struggled to handle its workload and deliver timely decisions. Cost of the tribunal is also a concern as it has been reported that it will cost 4.6 million dollars to establish, and 2.5 to 3 million dollars to run each year. Likely impacts of the SAT on property related boards and appeals are contained on the following page.