Property investors should meet first licensed valuers before selling property
The Survey figures show that there is a vacancy rate of only 1.3-% in premium grade space in the central area of the city, resulting in only 640 square metres of space being available at the top end of the market in Adelaide. Mr Moulds also said that this was matched by a vacancy rate of 9.8% in the frame area around the central core of the city. This was the lowest vacancy rate since 1994, with only 1300 square metres of A-Grade space available in this area.

Mr Moulds said that an analysis of the activity levels over the past couple of years in the city confirm that new businesses and renewed business confidence had been returning and the city. Contrasted with somebody who purchased the same kind of property valuer online, however refinances as and when it is fitting to do as such, he viably controls his advantage rate at a scope of 2% - 3.5% all through the entire credit residency. He said that initiatives that the City Council and State Government had begun in recent times were beginning to show success. Mr Moulds said that the Property Council were working closely with the City Council on studies to identify new and future business accommodation needs, and supported the recent City Council proposals for "smart building upgrade" incentives.

Mr Moulds said that such actions were essential as the higher quality space was consumed. It meant the need for upgrading of the older and lesser quality buildings to suit emerging business tenants was now imperative for building owners to meet the market. He said that it was clear from Property Council studies in Adelaide and other cities, that those buildings that were not upgraded to suit new business needs in terms of quality of space, technological infrastructure and services would face long term decline.

It is for these reasons that we are anxious to see the Council and State Government continue to strive to make working, shopping and visiting the city attractive to all", Mr Moulds said. Mr Moulds also pointed out that the fringe areas around the city had experienced steady office take-up activity over the past two years to July.

He said that vacancy rates in the fringe had remained steady at 8.6%, but it was significant that in the last six months there had also been withdrawal of a previously occupied office building on Greenhill Road for conversion to new residential development.

Mr Moulds said that, coupled with recent announcements of new residential conversion commitments to the former ETSA building on Greenhill Road; the take up of apartments in the city; and commencement of building work on the former tax office in King William Street there was clearly new interest in the centre and near city area as places to live.