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Australia’s growing infrastructure deficit, the hectic pace of urbanisation in Asia and the increasing need for sustainable development all point to the need for a bipartisan approach to an over-arching urban strategy”, Verwer said.

Such a strategy could then be integrated with equally important regional and rural regeneration programs. The Property Council said that federal,“It’s important that Australia recapitalise its national assets within the framework of a unified national approach in order to deliver the best outcomes for current and future generations of Australians,” Verwer said.

In its election platform, the Queensland Coalition made a commitment to tackle the inequitable impost by phasing out land tax. The professional valuers will add profit in their clients property transaction process when they will allotted to do so.This commitment has been restated in the print media since the by-election result. The Coalition promises to reduce the current $200 million land tax burden by $20 million per year over the next ten years under the bold initiative.

We are looking for a new program of nation building that involves the public and private sectors which is as bold as those developed in the post WW2 period. Governments at all levels need to work directly with the community and investors in order to achieve this goal within a triple bottom line framework.

The Mundingburra by-election result means that the Coalition could form a Government in Queensland. Regardless of which Party is in power after the Parliament resumes, ROZZA is looking for a better tax deal for members. ROZZA will, therefore, renew its efforts in Queensland. The plan is to encourage the Queensland Government to become the first in Australia to remove land taxes.